Has your body been feeling tight and sore or some days you have more energy than others and you would like a constant feeling of relaxation and flexibility?

Thai massage

Introducing Jill’s Thai Massage 

Thai Massage is an Ancient practice that has survived to today because of its rich invigorating effects on the body. It consists of mostly stretching but also uses acupressure, traction, reflexology and even rocking. Thai Massage was being used over 2,000 years agothai2 by Buddhist Monks that did not use oils! It is a practice best performed on a flat and sturdy surface which helps align your body. You can make the most out of practice with comfortable attire to enhancing stretching. This massage usually last a little longer than than other massage because the physical movement becomes  part of a spiritual healing along with energy balancing.  




The Thai massage is good for deep relaxing and for those who would like to get in touch with internal emotions as well as physical trauma. You can also click the image to the left and get a visual of what a Thai Massage with Jill would be like. Please feel free to treat yourself to relaxation and see information below to schedule an appointment.



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